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It was 1996 when the awareness of home automation first reached world recognition with “Clap On – Clap Off”.   Switching on a lamp is nowhere near an automation system, nor was it the beginning of the industry, but it brought attention to the convenience of automation.  

Imagining turning your exterior lighting on or off with your cell phone, or having them turn on automatically when your security system engages.  Expand that concept now to not only remote control, but automatic activation and control of lighting, security, entertainment, communication, door locks; virtually every area and part of your home.

For over a dozen years, Security Safe has been installing home automation and remote control systems.  Do not be misled by the recent boom in smart-home tech items that have been thrust into the spotlight through massive advertising.  Why have multiple products that work with multiple systems? Security Safe is your qualified professional in knowing, designing and installing systems that work in unison.  We can provide you with Honeywell’s state-of-the-art technology Powered by Alarm.com.

We can even install the system while your home is being built and if you want to add the automation later, you can simply use it for security only until the time is right.  That is your benefit with working with a truly professional company like Security Safe.

Home automation is exactly what the name implies: automating the ability to control items around the house—from window shades to pet feeders—with a simple push of a button (or a voice command).   But the possibilities are almost endless and are custom designed to your home and lifestyle needs.

  • Don’t want the sun fading your favorite couch?  Program the drapes to close at the right time daily. 
  • Out of town on vacation and want to conserve energy by turning the hot water heater off?  Use automation to reactivate it at a planned time before you get home.
  • Concerned about the massive damage cause by water leaks? Set up your automation to turn off the home water supply when moisture is detected in certain areas.
  • Got a fortune in food in the freezer? Use automation to notify you of abnormal temperature ranges inside the freezer.
  • And the list continues………..

Imagine being notified that someone is in your yard and being able to view the activity from your smartphone at the office or even on a trip.  And even talking to the person so they know they are being watched!

Let your imagination wonder, then let Security Safe assist you in putting it into reality.  Oh, and don’t worry – we can handle your imagination, no matter how ‘outer space’ it may seem.  Call a Security Safe automation design professional today

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