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Having a Home Security System is a necessity in today’s world.  It is natural to want and expect to feel safe in our own homes, but the threat still exists around us. 

According to the State Department of Justice FBI, burglaries have had a steady increase in each decade of recorded history.  Of that, a startling 73.9 percent of all burglary offenses are residential properties.  Statistics further report that a burglary takes place every 15 seconds and one robbery every 1.5 minutes.  Crime figures indicate that every home has a greater chance of being the target of a break-in attempt than not.

Home security is not just about protection your TV or the jewelry box.  Around 60% of burglars used forcible entry to gain access to a home.  Overcoming the emotional trauma and replacing property is only part of the recovery process.  Repairing the home is often a third part; if repairs are all that is necessary.   Imagine the devastation to the life of a family when the intruder sets a fire to cover the burglary attempt.

Mostly, home security is about life.  The news reports repeated situations where a burglary takes place in an occupied home and confronts the family.  Other situations report the burglar being startled by a family member during the break-in when injury or death results.

Although it is somewhat comforting to think that neighbors and surrounding residents will help to protect your property but, is it worth the false sense of security to place hope in the lives of others?  On an average burglars spend less than 60 seconds breaking into a home.  What that means to you is there is only a 4% chance anyone will see it.

Are you willing to gamble with your property and more importantly your family’s lives?

Security Safe will professionally design, install and monitor your home security system.  It is estimated that 74% of uncompleted intrusions can be credited to an audible alarm system.  And homes without alarm systems are 3 times more likely to be burglarized than those with an alarm system.

Security Safe offers state-of-the-art security alarm solutions to keep you protected and comfortable 24/7.  Security Safe Interactive, powered by, provides you with enhanced lifestyle options including control of your home’s lighting, HVAC and more.  Security Safe Interactive works seamlessly with the web portal and web-enabled devices for remote access and control of your home wherever you may be.

Security Safe is on the front edge of product development with the newest and most advanced lines of equipment such as Interlogix NetworX® control equipment and the Simon XTi® – advanced wireless solutions for homes of all sizes. 

We offer 24/7 monitoring of your home and equipment through our cellular radio network reporting to our advanced Central Station monitoring facility.

Since 1985 Security Safe has been the trusted name for professional service and care in all facets of residential and commercial low voltage solutions. 

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